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Tinnitus Myths What's True Or False |

Tinnitus Myths, What’s True Or False

Are you still searching for straight answers on tinnitus? If your one of the millions of people suffering from this annoying condition also known as Ear Ringing then you know there are many misconceptions and myths out there on the subject of finding a tinnitus cure. If you are one of the lucky people to have found this article and need the facts on true or false information for effective tinnitus treatment, you will find them listed below. I ask that you please share this article with any friends or loved ones that might benefit from this honest breakdown of 6 of the most common Tinnitus myths revealed.

Tinnitus Truth VS Tinnitus Myths

1. Myth: Tinnitus is an incurable disease.

Truth: This is not a disease, but a non-life threatening condition that can be effectively treated by nutrition,  learned behavior and a protocol of specific lifestyle changes.

Although most medical professionals will tell you that by definition, Tinnitus falls under the category of disease, it is more often considered as a number of  symptoms of an underlying problem.  Tinnitus should be distinguished this way, because unlike most diseases, your tinnitus could manifest itself at any time from something as simple as a build up of ear wax to something more serious such as permanent hearing damage and hearing loss that may be due to exposure to loud disciples of noise, undiagnosed heart disease, high blood pressure, or a bad reaction to prescription drugs. As you can see by this list of the most common tinnitus symptoms they are all manageable and easily treatable giving you a very good chance of improving and potentially curing your tinnitus for good.

2. Myth: Tinnitus is caused by illness.

Truth: This myth could not be further from the truth! There are over 15 possible causes of tinnitus, aside from existing heart disease that has gone undiagnosed. All main symptoms do not stem from any kind of illness at all. If you experience any symptoms of tinnitus such as ringing in ears, pusatile tinnitus, (hearing your own heartbeat in your ears) dizziness, and unexplained noises that only you can hear, it’s recommended that you get a checkup from a ENT, which is short for a Ear, Nose and Throat doctor. They will be able to confirm if your symptoms are actually tinnitus or something more serious.

3. Myth: Tinnitus Can Drive You Crazy.

Truth: Persons suffering from moderate to severe tinnitus that has been left undiagnosed for a long period of time may unfortunately experience a poor quality of life that includes emotional distress, depression, sleep deprivation, strained personal relationships and even job loss resulting in the ability to focus on work related matters. If this sounds a bit extreme to you, believe me – it’s not an over exaggeration. Just ask anyone that has tried to cope while living with tinnitus

The main reason this myth exists is that the noises are internalized within the brain, but are not originating from the ears and cannot be heard by anyone else except the person who has tinnitus. However, hearing strange noises, whirring, ringing, and clicking does not mean a person is crazy. Some people report that white noise has helped them keep their mind off their constant symptoms.

4. Myth: You Can Go Deaf From Tinnitus

Truth: A large majority of people who have tinnitus can have mild hearing loss or hearing damage that may have occurred due to exposure to extreme loud noise at some time in their life. In some cases, people with tinnitus have normal hearing. It is also noted that many people with hearing loss do not have tinnitus. There is no evidence that tinnitus causes a person to go deaf. Consult an audiologist if you are not hearing clearly or having trouble understanding conversations. There may be other underling problems. An ear specialist may be able to answer any questions you may have.

5. Myth: Tinnitus Can Go Away On It’s Own

Truth: There have been rare reports of tinnitus disappearing on it’s own, mostly these people have confused short term noise exposure such as attending a loud concert or practicing at a gun firing range with long term ringing in the ears, which is the main complaint of people who have had these constant or recurring symptoms over a long period of time. Since hearing damage is often the primary cause of tinnitus, there is little to no chance of it subsiding on it’s own without the necessary tinnitus treatment. * Seek an effective tinnitus treatment program such as Tinnitus Miracle if your symptoms continue for longer than 1 month’s time.


6. Myth: There is no cure for tinnitus.

Truth: According to the medical community there is NO drug on the market today that can treat tinnitus. People have tried surgery with little success rate of curing tinnitus, remember that tinnitus is a condition, not a disease, so treating the symptom to get to the underling cause of what needs healing is the only way to honestly help you. Right now, the only proven cure that has literally helped thousands of people find long term relief, and is completely guaranteed to end your symptoms is a natural, holistic tinnitus remedy.

To sum up, there are effective ways to manage and minimize your tinnitus symptoms. There is no magic pill – you must make your personal commitment to uncover all possible causes, only then is there a path to ridding yourself of tinnitus for good. In most cases, you can expect to see marked results in 1-6 weeks, by following Tinnitus Miracle proven system. Depending on the severity and your own conditions and response to treatment, you can expect to be totally free from tinnitus in six months to 2 years. You can improve your quality of life and start doing the things you have been missing out on almost immediately after downloading  your copy of Tinnitus Miracle eBook right now.

Tinnitus MiracleThe more informed you are about tinnitus, the better your success rate in beating it for good. TreatingTinnitusRinging is jam packed with useful,  researched vital information to help you treat your problems. Each individual is different, that is why we go the extra mile to touch upon all symptoms of tinnitus. Our team has spent countless hours compiling this information to help you make a good investment in your health and regain your quality of life. No one should suffer with tinnitus, let alone let it go untreated. Now, there is hope. All that we ask is that you read our Tinnitus Miracle Review and perhaps a few of the powerful testimonials before making your decision on a product that will improve your chances of success.


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