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Tinnitus, Often Confused With Ménière's Disease |

Tinnitus, Often Confused With Ménière’s Disease

For those of you that have been experiencing vertigo, sleep deprivation, dizziness, bouts of nausea, balance problems and ear ringing, you may be among the 30 million people who are confusing the symptoms of Tinnitus with a more complicated, serious problem known as  Ménière’s Disease.

The main reason these underlying symptoms are very easily misdiagnosed at first is simply because they both start with the cochlea functions of the inner ear and in most cases exhibit almost all of the same symptoms.  Often people report feeling a spinning motion along with a mild pressure or aural fulness in one ear which is caused by fluid build up. There also may be a fluctuation of hearing loss between ears and finally a constant ear ringing or strange sounds such as clicking or a whirring sound most commonly known as Tinnitus.

Although Ménière’s generally starts around the ages of 40 to 60, Tinnitus Symptoms can manifest themselves in much younger generations and are even rarely found in children. There are a number of  reasons for ringing in the ears which may be as simple as wax build up, reaction to medication, high blood pressure, the beginning of coronary heart disease and the most common problem of over exposure to loud noise.  Since the popularity of ipods, cell phones and head phones which are all designed to enhance volume at a close range to the ear drums, the number of younger people with hearing loss has almost doubled in the last decade. Studies show that the number of reported cases of Tinnitus is steadily climbing.

Both  Ménière’s disease and Tinnitus are considered by the medical community to be an incurable condition, that although non – life threatening can cause extreme discomfort and diminish quality of life.  In the case of Ménière’s, there is more danger in regards to symptoms that come on quickly during an attack, such as falling due to loss of balance and extreme vertigo. People who have actually been diagnosed with Ménière’s have sought treatments that include surgery of the inner ear, while others have resorted to radical procedures such as cochlear implants. There is also a Menietts device, that when implanted in the inner ear transmits puffs of positive air pressure to help relieve severe bouts of vertigo.

It is important to note that many people who have suffered for years, in complete misery of both conditions have been able to successfully diminish all symptoms  just by implementing easy to follow nutrition and lifestyle modifications that when applied correctly seem to have an almost miraculous effect in as little as 3 weeks. The reason this has not been brought to light is because it falls under the auspicious category of Alternative Medicine, also known as Homeopathy which is a clinical term for natural healing of the body. This proven, ancient belief of treating the condition to heal the symptoms has been helping people heal themselves for different ailments for thousands of years.

What Treatments Are Available?

In recent years there have been great strides in Tinnitus treatment as well as Ménière’s disease,  that offers a proven cure based on holistic strategies that are guaranteed to offer much needed relief by minimizing both conditions that will have a long-term impact on your life.

Available Treatments

Tinnitus Miracle is an ebook that was developed by Thomas Coleman, a pioneer in finding the only effective Tinnitus Cure that is available to date. For example, one of the most powerful ways this is accomplished in the guide book is to follow a specific protocol to control the chronic symptoms, such as:

- Eating a low-salt diet.
- Using natural herbs as diuretics to get rid of extra fluids.
- Doing special exercise such as meditation techniques and yoga to improve balance.                                                                                                   – Avoiding stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol, chocolate and tobacco products that promote stress.

These 4 suggestions are just one of the many life changing treatments that are found within the 300 pages of Tinnitus Miracle. This might seem like a very unassuming ebook at first glance, however, each one of these proven treatments have already been used by thousands of people who have opted not to subject themselves to risky surgery to relieve the symptoms of Ménière’s disease and Tinnitus.

If your reading this and are still looking for a cure, please take a serious look at all that is available to help you.


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