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Tinnitus - What Can You Do To Prevent It |

Tinnitus – What Can You Do To Prevent It


There have been countless articles and blog posts written on finding a tinnitus cure. Unfortunately, not much has been published on the subject of tinnitus prevention. This article talks about the most common Tinnitus Causes and what steps can be taken towards preventing this life altering condition from happening to you. This¬† is something that will benefit everyone and should be read, because it’s much easier to prevent tinnitus than to actually cure it.

In the last decade, this annoying condition has grown to over 50 million reported cases. These numbers are taken directly from The American Tinnitus Association as of 2011. If your not familiar with Tinnitus, it is most easily described as a humming, or buzzing sound within the inner ear. For most people, Ringing in the ears can be chronic or intermittent. There are as many different symptoms and varying degrees as there are people who suffer from Tinnitus. Below is a list of the most common Tinnitus Causes and what you can to make sure you are doing all you can do to stay healthy and keep your peace of mind.

Tinnitus Causes


Sinus Problems

Advanced hearing loss due to aging factors

Accidents, that cause head and neck trauma

Wax Build Up

High Fevers

Ear Infections

Divers Ear (scuba & deep sea diving)

Over exposure to loud noise

Hypertension (high blood pressure)

Heart disease ( blocked arteries and veins)

Most of the items listed above can easily be prevented by implementing simple changes in lifestyle such as healthier dietary choices, including exercise to your daily routine, guarding your hearing by wearing ear plugs during prolonged exposure in noisy circumstances, practicing proper ear care and limiting use and volume on ipods, and other mobile devices. These are the main potential causes of tinnitus and the best preventative measure you can take right away to stop tinnitus from ruining your life.


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