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Tinnitus Cure For Your Child |

Tinnitus Cure For Your Child

Is your child having trouble hearing you? Have you noticed that they seem more distracted than usual, or are having trouble sleeping or focusing in school? Have you noticed them tugging at or rubbing their ears? Your child may be experiencing common symptoms that are often related to a condition known as tinnitus –wait a moment, don’t click out of this article just yet. Tinnitus is not uncommon among children –  Ringing in the ear is a very serious problem among young adults and has been diagnosed more and more in young children. Unfortunately, these symptoms go undetected because kids just do not complain about the ringing in their ears, they think it’s just normal. They often lack the the proper vocabulary skills at a young age to express what’s going on inside their head.

Most children live day to day with annoying ringing noises, humming and buzzing sounds of the cochlear ear. In most cases, tinnitus has been effecting them for a long time. They are unable to communicate to parents or teachers as to when this form of minor hearing loss started. Often, children are reluctant to speak about hearing these strange noises due to the feelings of being ostracised or shun by their peers.  If your child exhibits any of these symptoms mentioned above or you have recently noticed them withdrawing from everyday social activities make sure you address the problem immediately.

It takes a very astute parent or teacher to pick up on the signs of pediatric tinnitus. However, with the help of your pediatric otolaryngologist (ear, nose, and throat specialist). You might have a very good chance of finding a cure for their tinnitus before their symptoms become worse, causing their hearing to deteriorate further as they age.

Consequently, the medical community recognizes no specific medicine or operation to “cure” the problem. However, a trained specialist may advise you taking the following steps in holistic treatment if your child is diagnosed with tinnitus.  In the last decade, much has been achieved in the field of alternative medicine when it comes to finding a tinnitus cure.  Miraculously, providing fast relief for the worse cases of ear ringing has been achieved. This might include a slight learning curve on the part of the care giver, however, implementing these certain protocols have proven 99% effective in tinnitus treatment.

Reasons For Pediatric Tinnitus

The reasons for pediatric tinnitus are mostly the same as for adults with ringing ears. In very rare cases, infants may be born with it, meaning the child may stand a greater chance of developing early on set hearing loss. Deafness is a common cause of tinnitus in babies and young children.

Most children fall victim to chronic, middle ear infections. Your pediatrician, may suggest inserting temporary draining tubes to help relieve middle ear fluid retention. Tinnitus is often a condition of severe ear infections in children, especially when not properly treated. Avoid wax to build up in your child’s ear. Using q-tips is not recommended, since this pushes the wax further into the ear canal. A simple check of your child’s ears at their next check up will alleviate this problem from escalating.

Guard your child’s hearing. The world is a noisy place for a baby. Exterior loud noise in the form of music, concerts, construction zones, blaring fire engines horns can all cause damage to young ears. A simple hat that covers their ears, ear plugs or ear muffs in cold weather or simply covering your child’s ears with your hands are all ways to stop tinnitus from occurring. It is also imperative to limit cell phone use, iPods and ear buds in young adults. The constant use of these audio devices are responsible for more cases of tinnitus in children and young adults being reported in the last decade.

What Tinnitus Treatment Is Available

The treatment for tinnitus is varied in young children. It is much harder to reason and communicate with a small child. Therefore, how you go about treating tinnitus ringing should be approached with much patience and understanding. Your child will be most grateful for the much needed relief you will provide to them if you are willing to invest the time and energy in helping them overcome this debilitating condition. Start with this fact sheet below:

* Note that much of this protocol can be found within the pages of Tinnitus Miracle, an ebook by Thomas Coleman, a pioneer in the field of holistic treatment for tinnitus.

1- Get a Real Diagnosis

2- Communication is key, reassure them that they are not alone and that it’s OK to hear their noises. Let them know that you and the specialist are there to help them.  Explain their condition to them in simple terms using images they can easily relate to. If further tests are required, let them now what to expect.

3- Using stress inhibitors in the form of noise therapy has produced amazing relief from chronic tinnitus symptoms. Soft background music, ceiling fans, running water from in home fountains and aquariums have all proved to improve a child’s focus while inducing restful sleep. In more severe cases of hearing loss, a hearing aid may help children hear environmental sounds and voices more clearly.

4- Minor adjustments to your child’s diet may be required as well as including specialized vitamin and mineral supplements that are known to reduce ringing, humming and buzzing sounds associated with tinnitus.

5- Learn to help your child, as well as yourself relax.  Tinnitus seems to escalate when people are under stress. Apply simple, yet effective stress-relieving techniques in helping your child overcome their symptoms. Although curing your child of tinnitus is attainable, it is not going to be easy. The less stressed you are and the more informed you become will greatly improve the chances of successfully ending this life altering condition for your child.



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