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Tinnitus Relief At Night |

Tinnitus Relief At Night

Bed time is usually the worst time of day for people who have tinnitus. I am sure that anyone reading this article who suffers from common tinnitus symptoms will agree that finding tinnitus relief for a restful night’s sleep is almost impossible. Quiet hours of the night, that should be enjoyed by all are often filled with roaring, whirring, ringing sounds that occupy the inner ears of people with tinnitus. For those of you that have pulsatile tinnitus  – the pulse of your own heart beat in your ear can be maddening. Many people have tried different remedies such as masking devices to help relieve the constant ringing and other annoying problems of this condition. Unfortunately, these masking techniques do not work very well and the loss of sleep will eventually take it’s toll in the form of poor work performance, stress, weight loss and high anxiety that can spill over into your daily routine. There are however, proven methods of relief that can and will work once you have mastered how to use them to their best advantage.
When preparing to sleep, try to clear all thoughts from your mind by focusing your attention on a restful image such as a waterfall, sunset or anything that you personally enjoy. Push the sounds of tinnitus to the far recesses of your mind. Try listening to music, reading a good book or watch at least 20 minutes of a movie to further unwind. All of these suggestions serve as minor distractions that will relax your mind and move you closer to sleep.

Another good suggestion would be to limit any caffeine intake at least 6 hours before turning in for the evening. Caffeine and alcohol both work to aggravate tinnitus symptoms. Melatonin, is a natural herb that is known to promote restful sleep. It is non-habit forming, can be found at your local drugstore, is inexpensive, and is an extremely effective sleeping aid.

Relaxation therapy, in the form of yoga, deep breathing exercises, meditation and mild exercise should be practiced daily. All of these tinnitus remedies are taken directly from the pages Tinnitus Miracle guide book on tinnitus treatment and cure. There are of course many other methods of tinnitus relief that will help you get a good night’s sleep, but for now trying these simple suggestions should help you greatly.

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