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Can Hypnosis Cure Tinnitus? |

Can Hypnosis Cure Tinnitus?


Alternative medicine suggests hypnotherapy as an effective method for the treatment and cure of tinnitus and other chronic conditions such as tobacco use, obesity, alcoholism and insomnia. For example, hypnosis is currently being used as an alternative remedy to alleviate  life altering problems such as non stop ear ringing. It has been documented in therapeutic studies to greatly reduce symptoms in a large block of people that have been diagnosed to have had long term phantom noises in their head This is the best way to describe the eroding effects most commonly associated with tinnitus. Unfortunately, natural remedies and holistic approaches to healing has it’s fair share of skeptics. Using hypnosis therapy to treat tinnitus is a questionable technique largely because anything that is out of the box or rails against traditional medicine is often thought of as “quack” medicine.  However, for the thousands of  people who have found relief from their worst nightmare  this could not be further from the truth.

There is a delicate balance between medical practitioners who frown upon such methods as hypnotherapy and millions of individuals who swear by such unconventional methods. So, I pose the question – which group is right? The answer to this still remains to be seen. Hypnosis for tinnitus, is regarded as a holistic approach for providing much needed relief for many persistent conditions.

Can Hypnotherapy Help Tinnitus?

That depends upon your mental state, the brain is a complex and powerful mechanism. Both psychiatrists and hypnotherapists state that correct guidance towards subliminal positive thought and energy may help overcome medical disorders such as vertigo, tinnitus and it’s partner condition Meniers disease. It all depends on your openness to hypnotherapy and the extent of your tinnitus symptoms.

When choosing a controversial therapy such as hypnotherapy, there are many variables to take into account such as:

- How long have you had ear ringing?

- Do your symptoms come and go, or are they chronic?

- What caused your tinnitus?

- Do you have advanced stage hearing loss?

- How old are you?

- Does Tinnitus run in your family?

- Have you been diagnosed by an audiologist or ENT?

As you can see the determining factors can be numerous. Honestly, seeking a tinnitus cure through hypnosis is a long shot. But, hold on, let me explain that statement. Hypnosis, works well on the majority of people who are easily influenced and are completely open minded in considering alternative treatment to find a cure.  Hypnosis works best on people who are trying to end an addiction such as smoking, nail biting, gambling, are alcoholics, or have eating disorders. These chronic addictions are easier to control through hypnotherapy. In the case of tinnitus, you are dealing with phantom noises that are only heard within your head. In fact, the sounds most commonly heard by tinnitus sufferers are actually no noise at all, but rather damage that has occurred in the inner ear for a variety of reasons. Some instances would include – ear infections, wax build up, exposure to loud noise, prescription drugs and aspirin complications, extreme noise in the workplace, over use of iPods, cell phones, heart disease, hypertension and aging.

In short, there are many determining factors associated with tinnitus symptoms that are best approached by learning to treat the underlying condition rather than stifling the symptoms. One proven holistic approach that has been well received and endorsed by the American Tinnitus Association is Tinnitus Miracle. The only holistic system known today to actually permanently put an end to the ringing in your ears within 2 months time. This proven, 5 step guide is written by Thomas Coleman, a medical researcher, nutrition specialist, health consultant and former tinnitus sufferer. In his book he addresses the effect of hypnosis and why it does not work long term for tinnitus.

Results show that between 50% – 76% of sufferers experience a mild reduction of inner noise after a few hypnotherapy sessions. While others report no change at all in their ear ringing.

In closing, Hypnosis is a fine alternative therapy for dealing with many external conditions. There are effective, natural remedies and proven protocols that are advocated in the pages of Tinnitus Miracle and are guaranteed to provide a permanent Tinnitus cure over time.

* For more valuable information please click here to visit Thomas Coleman’s official website.


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