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Ringing Ears - Ear Candeling Helps Tinnitus |

Ringing Ears – Ear Candeling Helps Tinnitus

One tinnitus treatment  that has been used for the relief of ear ringing is a holistic remedy that has been used for centuries. The practice of ear candling, also know as ear coning has recently gained high recognition within the tinnitus community as a natural way to help draw out ear wax that has built up in the inner ear canal.  Thermal auricular therapy, is a well known treatment that uses a hollow candle that is gently inserted in the ear canal, the candle is then lit at the opposite end to create negative pressure that draws out old wax buildup that looks like black tar residue.

Alternative healers believe that ear candling promotes natural ear health and is quite effective in ridding patients of mild hearing loss and ringing ears that is a common symptom of tinnitus. This method is often used in children who have had trouble with learning in school. However, the medical community frowns upon this health practice and claims that the black residue is nothing more than candle residue. The FDA does not support Thermal Auricular Therapy and cautions people to proceed with caution when choosing to use hot wax near the ear canal. It is important to have ear candling done by a professional who is trained in the art of this alternative health procedure. This statement has been hotly disputed by thousands of tinnitus sufferers that find this to be a safe and effective way to treat tinnitus.

* Please note that ear candling as a tinnitus cure is highly controversial as are other holistic cures such as colonic cleansing. There are as many different opinions on these subjects as the pro’s and con’s of using any alternative medical treatments. People who suffer from the life altering condition of tinnitus often grasp at straws in their never ending quest for a tinnitus cure. It is for this reason that The Tinnitus Miracle has been so highly successful when it comes to providing sufferers of ear ringing honest answers to their most personal tinnitus questions.

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* Please read our Tinnitus Miracle Review to gain more in depth information

Treating Tinnitus Ringing prides itself on providing highly researched and factual articles to anyone seeking a true tinnitus cure, that is why we have chosen to promote Tinnitus Miracle over any other tinnitus products. The 5 step holistic systemt is proven to eliminate the most common symptoms within 60 days. This  statement is backed up by a risk free 60 day money back guarantee Before trying ear candling or any other alternative or medical remedy, always be sure to seek advice from your doctor.



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