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Welcome, If you are looking for concise, factual information about Tinnitus you have arrived at a great resource page. If you or someone you know has recently been diagnosed or have been living with chronic ear ringing for some time, our team at Treating Tinnitus Ringing is here to give you honest answers to your questions without all the hype that usually surrounds this life altering problem. In the last decade, tinnitus has become an epic problem among people of all ages. There has been such conflicting information about tinnitus, it’s many causes and remedies that most people simply get overwhelmed, frustrated and feel they are doomed to living with the constant buzzing and ear ringing that manifest itself as strange noises in their head. Some people have sadly described their symptoms as being slowly driven insane.

Seeking a tinnitus cure has been the number one objective among the millions of people that are afflicted with this annoying condition. However, a clear understanding of what you are dealing with is needed before starting any treatment plan. The good news is that help is available and with the professional guidance of author and nutritionist Thomas Coleman there is a way to experience fast, yet permanent relief from ringing in your ears. Below you will find the latest facts and statistics that we have compiled straight from the American Tinnitus Associations official website as well as a link for further information about a proven holistic treatment called Tinnitus Miracle.

Tinnitus Facts – as represented in a nationally representative sample of more than 46,000 households—the largest tinnitus survey of its kind.

  • The size of the tinnitus population in the United States is nearly 30 million people—or about 10%.
  • 13 million people report they have tinnitus but not hearing loss. However, it is widely acknowledged that people with tinnitus almost always have hearing loss. Therefore, it is likely that the hearing loss population is conceivably higher than previously reported.
  • The incidence of tinnitus is as high as 26.7% for people ages 65-84 years.
  • Tinnitus now effects up to (10%) of younger people due to the recent use of cell phones, ear phones and music devices such as iPods.
  • The prevalence of tinnitus is correlated with degree of hearing loss; however, it is clear that all levels of hearing loss (mild to severe) can experience tinnitus.
  • Nearly 4 in 10 people experience their tinnitus symptoms 80% of the time during a typical day; slightly more than 1 in 4 people describe their tinnitus as loud; and about 1 in 5 describe their tinnitus as disabling or nearly disabling.
  • Subjects with tinnitus report their tinnitus primarily impacts their ability to hear (39%), concentrate (26%), and sleep (20%).
  • Almost one-quarter of those with tinnitus describe their tinnitus as disabling or nearly disabling. According to the medical community “There is currently no cure”. This study also confirms that alternative and holistic remedies have successfully relieved and minimized most tinnitus symptoms in (90%) of subjects.
  • At times the provision of hearing aids among older participants offer substantial benefits to a significant number of people suffering from tinnitus. The fact that such holistic tinnitus treatments such as Tinnitus Miracle should be more widely acknowledged in both the audiological and medical communities.


Tinnitus Miracle – Holistic Tinnitus Cure

We are upfront in disclosing that we at TreatingTinnitusRinging.com, wholeheartedly recommend and represent Tinnitus Miracle for just one reason – IT’S GUARANTEED TO WORK!

If your wondering how we can make this bold statement, it’s because this website is honestly owned by a former sufferer who decided to spend $39 and take that leap of faith out of sheer desperation.  After years of missing out on great conversations with friends and family, spending sleepless nights staring at the ceiling fan trying to drown out the endless humming in my head I decided to do some much needed research about Tinnitus Cures and treatments. I tried the usual pills, masking devices, and sub-lingual sprays and nothing worked. That is when I found out about an alternative method called tinnitus retraining therapy. What Thomas Coleman taught me was invaluable and within 3 weeks I had began to notice that my focus was back at work, I had my inner balance back and I was sleeping better.

To be perfectly honest with you, Tinnitus Miracle is no quick fix. It takes a lot of determination to follow all the material that is given to you. However, you are never alone and you can contact Thomas Coleman buy email if needed. This 5 step, guided tinnitus cure book will take about 2 months to actually stop even the worst tinnitus symptoms.

In closing, The Tinnitus Miracle was designed to help others finally end their struggle with tinnitus. If you are serious about finding relief and getting your life back, I would ask you to give this a good look – You can try it risk free for 60 days with a money back guarantee!

We hope you have enjoyed your visit to our site. Wishing you the best of luck. * Click the image below to order your copy now.

Tinnitus Miracle

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