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Ear Ringing Among Baby Boomer Generation

Ear Ringing

There has been much attention being paid recently to a common problem known as tinnitus. This is due to the fact that the largest generation of seniors, also referred to as baby boomers are searching for relief of their ear ringing and hearing loss that unfortunately, naturally occurs with age.

If you are between the ages of 56 and 75 and consider yourself to be active and in good health, but recently have noticed the sensation of ringing or low humming or buzzing sounds within your ear, then you are part of the growing epidemic of over 50 million people who suffer from this annoying, but non-life threatening condition.

Not everyone suffers from the same symptoms. There are many different forms and degree’s of tinnitus that may be brought on by a variety of reasons. You will be surprised to find that simple things such as your medications, diet, ear health and exposure to loud noise may be causing your discomfort. This article will provide valuable information that has been taken from the pages of Tinnitus Miracle, a best selling ebook that has been written by Thomas Coleman, a former tinnitus patient, knowledgeable health consultant and nutritionist.  Tinnitus Miracle, works very well because it is a holistic approach that teaches you how to diagnosis your own personal symptoms and then guides you through a 5 step treatment program that gets to work on treating the underlying condition, not just the symptom. These proven protocols will provide welcome relief from ear ringing and all other tinnitus symptoms in a very short period of time. Your success while using Tinnitus Miracle will be determined by the specific cause and degree of your tinnitus.  However, you are guaranteed to receive marked results no matter how bad or how long you have suffered from tinnitus. This is backed up by a risk free, 60 day money back offer.

Tinnitus Cures

As mentioned above there are certain triggers that cause this annoying condition. I have conveniently listed the most common causes below:

Age: Unfortunately, the natural aging process results in hearing loss. This deterioration of inner ear auditory cells leads to tinnitus. Most baby boomers or people around the age of 60 are sure to experience some form of ear ringing from time to time. If it becomes a chronic problem, make sure to have a thorough examination and then treat it immediately before it becomes worse.

• Medication: Common OTC drugs such as aspirin can be the main culprit of ringing in ears of seniors. Since many baby boomers are on a daily aspirin regime to control heart problems it stands to reason that when taken in high doses this may go unnoticed as a main source of your tinnitus. Presently, there are over 200 prescription drugs on the market today that are listed as causing ringing ears. Tinnitus Miracle will provide a full list of these drugs so that you may discuss using other alternative medications with your doctor.

• Ear Health: Believe it or not, something as simple as build up of ear wax in your ear canal may be causing problems with your hearing. This is a cause of temporary tinnitus and is easily remedied by using a method known as ear candling to remove old wax. You may also want to have your ears checked and then flushed by your physician.

Ear Candling• Exposure to loud noise: I have saved this for last considering it accounts for over 95% of all tinnitus and loss of hearing as reported by the ATA “American Tinnitus Association”.  Noise induced tinnitus may have occurred at an earlier age as a result of work related noise, exposure to external loud noise, or listening to loud music for an extended period of time. Ear ringing has also been recently blamed on cell phone and ipod use.

In closing, what I have mentioned are just the most common results of contracting tinnitus. If you are suffering from this life changing condition and are ready to make a real change in your life. I would highly recommend taking a closer look at Tinnitus Miracle. I have posted a link to our Tinnitus Miracle Review for your convenience. You do not have to live with chronic ringing in your ears, there is a way to get fast relief.




4 Reasons to Try A Natural Tinnitus Treatment


Most patients who suffer from chronic ear ringing often seek natural treatment for tinnitus for four very important reasons. The idea being that medical science offers no cure for this life altering condition that seems to rob people of their peace of mind. In the last decade, there have been great strides in tinnitus treatment among holistic doctors who practice alternative medicine, health consultants and nutritionists. Unfortunately, this little known fact remains a secret to the millions of people that continue to live day to day with a diminished quality of life that seriously affects personal relationships, not to mention reduced performance in the work place. In an effort to help everyone who truly seeks a treatment for tinnitus to stop the noises in their head and ears I am sharing the only proven cure available today and my four important reasons to seek holistic remedies from Tinnitus Miracle.

1: Non Invasive: Since tinnitus is a condition and not a disease, it makes sense to try natural remedies that work to lessen triggers of ringing in the ears that often result from eating certain foods, adverse reactions to common drugs such as aspirin and environmental surroundings at home and at work. Risky surgery, should be your last course of action.

2: Economics: Natural tinnitus treatments are quite inexpensive compared to traditional therapy from an ENT specialist who confuse tinnitus symptoms with permanent hearing loss. Traditional hearing aids have very little effect on chronic ear ringing and can run upwards of two to five thousand dollars to be fitted. Special herbal remedies along with dietary change and hypnosis have been proven to work more effectively at a fraction of the price for most over the counter medications that are not guaranteed to cure tinnitus. As mentioned above, all this is addressed in the 5 step system from Tinnitus Miracle. There are no costly doctor visits or prescription drugs to take, just at home remedies and protocols that have been clinically tested and will stop the noise in your head. You will clearly focus again at work and get a restful nights sleep within 3 short weeks of implementing this treatment

3: Best Result: Faster results have been documented from people who have taken the leap of faith and tried Tinnitus Miracle Treatment. The gentle yet effective methods that are discussed by Thomas Coleman have had life changing results for thousands of people that have struggled with this life altering condition for years and finally found the much needed relief they have been seeking. Best of all, there is no risky surgery that may not produce the desired results you are expecting.

4: Ease of Treatment: Natural treatments are easy to follow and are relatively pain free. Remember that tinnitus is not a life threatening disease, so learning to treat chronic symptoms can be achieved by following the guided steps within the Tinnitus Miracle book.

Natural Tinnitus TreatmentsThere are a number of natural treatments for tinnitus available to you. Tinnitus Miracle advocates the use of specialty herbs and vitamin supplements, including minerals. Dietary changes and other activities such as meditation methods, yoga and deep breathing exercises that are easy to do and effective in keeping your body healthy and well taken care of. Treating your tinnitus also requires you to learn mind altering techniques while keeping your life as stress-free as possible.


Ringing Ears – Ear Candeling Helps Tinnitus

One tinnitus treatment  that has been used for the relief of ear ringing is a holistic remedy that has been used for centuries. The practice of ear candling, also know as ear coning has recently gained high recognition within the tinnitus community as a natural way to help draw out ear wax that has built up in the inner ear canal.  Thermal auricular therapy, is a well known treatment that uses a hollow candle that is gently inserted in the ear canal, the candle is then lit at the opposite end to create negative pressure that draws out old wax buildup that looks like black tar residue.

Alternative healers believe that ear candling promotes natural ear health and is quite effective in ridding patients of mild hearing loss and ringing ears that is a common symptom of tinnitus. This method is often used in children who have had trouble with learning in school. However, the medical community frowns upon this health practice and claims that the black residue is nothing more than candle residue. The FDA does not support Thermal Auricular Therapy and cautions people to proceed with caution when choosing to use hot wax near the ear canal. It is important to have ear candling done by a professional who is trained in the art of this alternative health procedure. This statement has been hotly disputed by thousands of tinnitus sufferers that find this to be a safe and effective way to treat tinnitus.

* Please note that ear candling as a tinnitus cure is highly controversial as are other holistic cures such as colonic cleansing. There are as many different opinions on these subjects as the pro’s and con’s of using any alternative medical treatments. People who suffer from the life altering condition of tinnitus often grasp at straws in their never ending quest for a tinnitus cure. It is for this reason that The Tinnitus Miracle has been so highly successful when it comes to providing sufferers of ear ringing honest answers to their most personal tinnitus questions.

Tinnitus Miracle

* Please read our Tinnitus Miracle Review to gain more in depth information

Treating Tinnitus Ringing prides itself on providing highly researched and factual articles to anyone seeking a true tinnitus cure, that is why we have chosen to promote Tinnitus Miracle over any other tinnitus products. The 5 step holistic systemt is proven to eliminate the most common symptoms within 60 days. This  statement is backed up by a risk free 60 day money back guarantee Before trying ear candling or any other alternative or medical remedy, always be sure to seek advice from your doctor.



Tinnitus Miracle – Improved Focus at Work

Coping with the problems of  tinnitus at work is something that over 50 million people have to deal with on a daily basis. If your experiencing problems with job performance due to lack of concentration and focus, you may be putting your livelihood at risk. Most people who suffer from this life altering condition often complain about their inability to perform at their highest level in the workplace due to chronic symptoms such as ringing in the ears, hearing loss and anxiety that may be brought on by stress and lack of sleep. This article will provide you with the best tinnitus relief tips at work and Tinnitus treatment advice that is available today.

Tinnitus Relief

Consider working from home – many companies today offer at home positions as a form of economic convenience. Consult your HR department about the possibilities. Present your employer with a physicians note and be truthful about your tinnitus. They might be very open to working around your condition.

A private office would help with focus and concentration, however, when this is not possible ask for a cubical or desk that is not centered in the middle of a room, a sheltered corner will greatly help with distracting noise.

Use background modifiers to reduce exterior office noise. If possible use a set of ear plugs. Listen to soft music on your computer or a radio, Keep a small fan on low to minimize the ringing in your ears.

Refrain from caffeinated beverages and sugary snacks. If possible take a break outdoors, go for a short walk, practice 10 minutes of deep breathing exercises or meditation. This will help keep your mood elevated and your stress level down.

While you are here, please take a look at our Tinnitus Miracle Review.  All of these helpful tips are included in this easy to read, 5 step treatment plan as well as many other holistic protocols, and other natural remedies that will provide fast relief from symptoms such as ringing ears, humming, buzzing and whistling sounds that cause you to lose focus and concentration in the work place.  Tinnitus Miracle offers a Risk Free 60 Day Trial Period for as little as $39. Receive guaranteed results in as little as 3 weeks!

Start Your Instant download by clicking the image below:

Tinnitus Miracle


Tinnitus Remedies – Find Your Cure

People with tinnitus often walk a lonely road. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are effective tinnitus remedies available to you right now that can be easily shared with family members, co-workers and  friends that should know about your condition.  The first step in finding a cure is being able to openly share your problem. Let everyone know what causes the debilitating symptoms. You will be surprised to find that the majority of people are not familiar with ear ringing and therefore might not be tuned in to your actions. You will need help with your tinnitus remedies, so do not be afraid to ask for support from others.

Seeking professional guidance should be considered. It makes sense to get the right answers from someone who has experienced tinnitus first hand. Thomas Coleman, has written a valuable ebook called Tinnitus Miracle. His system is based upon holistic techniques that show you how to place the tinnitus in the back of your thoughts. For this to occur, you must keep an open mind that completely accepts that a natural tinnitus remedy will help.

Tinnitus Miracle teaches you to precisely figure out your personal tinnitus triggers and apply the most effective tinnitus remedies to relieve your symptoms. For instance, pulsatile tinnitus, is often caused by underling medical problems associated with pregnancy or high blood pressure. Pulsatile tinnitus during Pregnancy is a a short term symptom that usually disappears with child birth. Simple dietary changes such as limiting salt and caffeine intake are remedies that can produce fast relief. Hypertension on the other hand may signal more serious, long term hidden health issues that need to be addressed before a cure for tinnitus will most likely be successful.

Side effects from prescription drugs, aspirin, and some over the counter vitamins and herbal supplements are often a main cause of tinnitus. If your lucky, your ringing in the ears may naturally subside once you have stopped taking a specific drug that is inflaming your symptoms.  It is best to get a real diagnosis of tinnitus and consult with your doctor about all natural supplements and drugs you are currently taking. Tinnitus Miracle, will provide a complete list of prescription drugs along with a supportive list little known herbal supplements you should be taking for fast relief.

Did you know that many of the common foods and beverages you love to enjoy actually make your ear ringing, stress level, anxiety and sleepless nights worse. High sodium foods, caffeine, artificial sweeteners, and sugar over load from desserts and candy may escalate tinnitus conditions. Giving up favorite foods is a social habit that is hard to break. Unfortunately, in order to find a cure these dietary concessions must be made! My advice would be to start small. Don’t give it all up at once. Try eliminating one food at a time to chart your changes.

Tinnitus sufferers should most certainly try these simple to follow tinnitus remedies that are proven to bring much needed relief. Tinnitus Miracle, provides serious treatment options and holistic tinnitus remedies to quickly lessen your symptoms of tinnitus, while working towards a permanent cure.


* Please visit our Tinnitus Miracle Reviews page for more in depth information. You can do this! Thousands of people have found the valuable answers to a quiet and peaceful life again


Can Hypnosis Cure Tinnitus?


Alternative medicine suggests hypnotherapy as an effective method for the treatment and cure of tinnitus and other chronic conditions such as tobacco use, obesity, alcoholism and insomnia. For example, hypnosis is currently being used as an alternative remedy to alleviate  life altering problems such as non stop ear ringing. It has been documented in therapeutic studies to greatly reduce symptoms in a large block of people that have been diagnosed to have had long term phantom noises in their head This is the best way to describe the eroding effects most commonly associated with tinnitus. Unfortunately, natural remedies and holistic approaches to healing has it’s fair share of skeptics. Using hypnosis therapy to treat tinnitus is a questionable technique largely because anything that is out of the box or rails against traditional medicine is often thought of as “quack” medicine.  However, for the thousands of  people who have found relief from their worst nightmare  this could not be further from the truth.

There is a delicate balance between medical practitioners who frown upon such methods as hypnotherapy and millions of individuals who swear by such unconventional methods. So, I pose the question – which group is right? The answer to this still remains to be seen. Hypnosis for tinnitus, is regarded as a holistic approach for providing much needed relief for many persistent conditions.

Can Hypnotherapy Help Tinnitus?

That depends upon your mental state, the brain is a complex and powerful mechanism. Both psychiatrists and hypnotherapists state that correct guidance towards subliminal positive thought and energy may help overcome medical disorders such as vertigo, tinnitus and it’s partner condition Meniers disease. It all depends on your openness to hypnotherapy and the extent of your tinnitus symptoms.

When choosing a controversial therapy such as hypnotherapy, there are many variables to take into account such as:

- How long have you had ear ringing?

- Do your symptoms come and go, or are they chronic?

- What caused your tinnitus?

- Do you have advanced stage hearing loss?

- How old are you?

- Does Tinnitus run in your family?

- Have you been diagnosed by an audiologist or ENT?

As you can see the determining factors can be numerous. Honestly, seeking a tinnitus cure through hypnosis is a long shot. But, hold on, let me explain that statement. Hypnosis, works well on the majority of people who are easily influenced and are completely open minded in considering alternative treatment to find a cure.  Hypnosis works best on people who are trying to end an addiction such as smoking, nail biting, gambling, are alcoholics, or have eating disorders. These chronic addictions are easier to control through hypnotherapy. In the case of tinnitus, you are dealing with phantom noises that are only heard within your head. In fact, the sounds most commonly heard by tinnitus sufferers are actually no noise at all, but rather damage that has occurred in the inner ear for a variety of reasons. Some instances would include – ear infections, wax build up, exposure to loud noise, prescription drugs and aspirin complications, extreme noise in the workplace, over use of iPods, cell phones, heart disease, hypertension and aging.

In short, there are many determining factors associated with tinnitus symptoms that are best approached by learning to treat the underlying condition rather than stifling the symptoms. One proven holistic approach that has been well received and endorsed by the American Tinnitus Association is Tinnitus Miracle. The only holistic system known today to actually permanently put an end to the ringing in your ears within 2 months time. This proven, 5 step guide is written by Thomas Coleman, a medical researcher, nutrition specialist, health consultant and former tinnitus sufferer. In his book he addresses the effect of hypnosis and why it does not work long term for tinnitus.

Results show that between 50% – 76% of sufferers experience a mild reduction of inner noise after a few hypnotherapy sessions. While others report no change at all in their ear ringing.

In closing, Hypnosis is a fine alternative therapy for dealing with many external conditions. There are effective, natural remedies and proven protocols that are advocated in the pages of Tinnitus Miracle and are guaranteed to provide a permanent Tinnitus cure over time.

* For more valuable information please click here to visit Thomas Coleman’s official website.


Tinnitus Relief At Night

Bed time is usually the worst time of day for people who have tinnitus. I am sure that anyone reading this article who suffers from common tinnitus symptoms will agree that finding tinnitus relief for a restful night’s sleep is almost impossible. Quiet hours of the night, that should be enjoyed by all are often filled with roaring, whirring, ringing sounds that occupy the inner ears of people with tinnitus. For those of you that have pulsatile tinnitus  – the pulse of your own heart beat in your ear can be maddening. Many people have tried different remedies such as masking devices to help relieve the constant ringing and other annoying problems of this condition. Unfortunately, these masking techniques do not work very well and the loss of sleep will eventually take it’s toll in the form of poor work performance, stress, weight loss and high anxiety that can spill over into your daily routine. There are however, proven methods of relief that can and will work once you have mastered how to use them to their best advantage.
When preparing to sleep, try to clear all thoughts from your mind by focusing your attention on a restful image such as a waterfall, sunset or anything that you personally enjoy. Push the sounds of tinnitus to the far recesses of your mind. Try listening to music, reading a good book or watch at least 20 minutes of a movie to further unwind. All of these suggestions serve as minor distractions that will relax your mind and move you closer to sleep.

Another good suggestion would be to limit any caffeine intake at least 6 hours before turning in for the evening. Caffeine and alcohol both work to aggravate tinnitus symptoms. Melatonin, is a natural herb that is known to promote restful sleep. It is non-habit forming, can be found at your local drugstore, is inexpensive, and is an extremely effective sleeping aid.

Relaxation therapy, in the form of yoga, deep breathing exercises, meditation and mild exercise should be practiced daily. All of these tinnitus remedies are taken directly from the pages Tinnitus Miracle guide book on tinnitus treatment and cure. There are of course many other methods of tinnitus relief that will help you get a good night’s sleep, but for now trying these simple suggestions should help you greatly.

* For more information please visit any page on treating tinnitus ringing or click our banner to go directly to the official website of Tinnitus Miracle

Tinnitus Miracle


Tinnitus Miracle – Best Selling ebook For Tinnitus, Because…

Tinnitus Miracle, more often referred to as their “Tinnitus Bible” by former tinnitus sufferers might seem to be a bit over the top, but trust me – it’s not. In recent years, ebooks have surpassed traditional book sales for a few simple reasons. Downloading an ebook from the Internet is the fastest, most affordable,  convenient way to gain self help and accurate information on a variety of subjects. As of today, The Tinnitus Miracle ebook has become the best selling resource for tinnitus treatment and cure.   It is hands down, the most comprehensive self help guide in winning your freedom from tinnitus that you will ever read.

The main reason this ebook enjoys such raving reviews is that the Tinnitus Miracle System is not an unveted program that offers temporary relief,  it’s a proven, permanent tinnitus cure. If you suffer from annoying ear ringing then you know that there is no such thing as  temporary relief from tinnitus since it is a chronic condition that effects everything that you do. As of this articles printing, according to recent 2012 statistics from the American Tinnitus Association, over 50 million of people have been diagnosed with ringing in the ears. Unfortunately, for them there is no peace of mind, no restful nights and definitely no miracle of quiet. Enjoying the simple quiet of life that unaffected people take for granted would be considered a miracle for them. That’s why anything short of a real cure would be unacceptable.  After reading the very first chapter, you will come to realize that many of your tinnitus symptoms will become less noticeable. After following the secret protocols that have been tried and tested by Thomas Coleman, a former tinnitus sufferer, certified nutritionist and the author of Tinnitus Miracle, you are guaranteed to experience a marked difference in annoying problems such as ear ringing, clicking, whirring and problems with hearing loss in as little as 3 weeks time.

Why Does Tinnitus Miracle Work?

Tinnitus Miracle teaches you to accurately pin point, then treat your condition by employing holistic procedures that have helped thousands of people end their tinnitus. This is a power packed, easy to follow, 300 page, guided ebook that uses common sense, natural remedies to alleviate even the worst case of ringing ears. Some other interesting things you will find within the pages are, natural remedies such as suggested herbs and supplements. Moderate dietary changes may also be required based upon your individual needs. Mood altering meditation techniques as well as a host of other valuable advice and remedies that I am not able to reveal due to copyright limitations. Tinnitus Miracle will also explain why all the myths, lies and quack cures that you may have heard about, such as using ear drops, magic pills, sub lingual sprays and hypnosis do not and will not help you, and why it may be the reason that you’ve failed to get rid of the ringing  in your ears until now. Tinnitus Miracle gives you a guided, step by step plan to fix the underlying problem that’s stopping you from honestly curing your tinnitus.

Will You Benefit From Tinnitus Miracle?

YES!  If you suffer from any tinnitus symptoms, no matter how long you have had tinnitus, or how extreme your case, there is a valuable cure waiting for you inside this unassuming ebook. Tinnitus Miracle, works for anyone who is looking for a holistic treatment and permanent cure. Even people without tinnitus can learn how to prevent tinnitus by following the health and nutritional advice from Thomas Coleman.

There is one important caveat before ordering your copy. This is no magic, quick fix that promises a 100% tinnitus cure in one week. Tinnitus Miracle, is guaranteed to work for you if you are willing to invest your time in following the proven steps provided to you. There will be lifestyle and dietary changes that may be needed to help you achieve your goals. If you are truly looking to end all symptoms of your tinnitus and regain your peace of mind, then Tinnitus Miracle is well worth your time. You are given a money back 60 day guarantee from Thomas Coleman himself. You will also be given a lifetime upgrade card that entitles you to actually consult on a one on one basis with him.

In closing, Tinnitus Miracle is the best selling Tinnitus Cure ebook because it works! There have been thousands of people who have given honest, personal testimonials to their own permanent tinnitus Cure. Please, give it a chance to help you.

* Please click the image below to download your copy right now.

Tinnitus Miracle ebook


Tinnitus Cure For Your Child

Is your child having trouble hearing you? Have you noticed that they seem more distracted than usual, or are having trouble sleeping or focusing in school? Have you noticed them tugging at or rubbing their ears? Your child may be experiencing common symptoms that are often related to a condition known as tinnitus –wait a moment, don’t click out of this article just yet. Tinnitus is not uncommon among children –  Ringing in the ear is a very serious problem among young adults and has been diagnosed more and more in young children. Unfortunately, these symptoms go undetected because kids just do not complain about the ringing in their ears, they think it’s just normal. They often lack the the proper vocabulary skills at a young age to express what’s going on inside their head.

Most children live day to day with annoying ringing noises, humming and buzzing sounds of the cochlear ear. In most cases, tinnitus has been effecting them for a long time. They are unable to communicate to parents or teachers as to when this form of minor hearing loss started. Often, children are reluctant to speak about hearing these strange noises due to the feelings of being ostracised or shun by their peers.  If your child exhibits any of these symptoms mentioned above or you have recently noticed them withdrawing from everyday social activities make sure you address the problem immediately.

It takes a very astute parent or teacher to pick up on the signs of pediatric tinnitus. However, with the help of your pediatric otolaryngologist (ear, nose, and throat specialist). You might have a very good chance of finding a cure for their tinnitus before their symptoms become worse, causing their hearing to deteriorate further as they age.

Consequently, the medical community recognizes no specific medicine or operation to “cure” the problem. However, a trained specialist may advise you taking the following steps in holistic treatment if your child is diagnosed with tinnitus.  In the last decade, much has been achieved in the field of alternative medicine when it comes to finding a tinnitus cure.  Miraculously, providing fast relief for the worse cases of ear ringing has been achieved. This might include a slight learning curve on the part of the care giver, however, implementing these certain protocols have proven 99% effective in tinnitus treatment.

Reasons For Pediatric Tinnitus

The reasons for pediatric tinnitus are mostly the same as for adults with ringing ears. In very rare cases, infants may be born with it, meaning the child may stand a greater chance of developing early on set hearing loss. Deafness is a common cause of tinnitus in babies and young children.

Most children fall victim to chronic, middle ear infections. Your pediatrician, may suggest inserting temporary draining tubes to help relieve middle ear fluid retention. Tinnitus is often a condition of severe ear infections in children, especially when not properly treated. Avoid wax to build up in your child’s ear. Using q-tips is not recommended, since this pushes the wax further into the ear canal. A simple check of your child’s ears at their next check up will alleviate this problem from escalating.

Guard your child’s hearing. The world is a noisy place for a baby. Exterior loud noise in the form of music, concerts, construction zones, blaring fire engines horns can all cause damage to young ears. A simple hat that covers their ears, ear plugs or ear muffs in cold weather or simply covering your child’s ears with your hands are all ways to stop tinnitus from occurring. It is also imperative to limit cell phone use, iPods and ear buds in young adults. The constant use of these audio devices are responsible for more cases of tinnitus in children and young adults being reported in the last decade.

What Tinnitus Treatment Is Available

The treatment for tinnitus is varied in young children. It is much harder to reason and communicate with a small child. Therefore, how you go about treating tinnitus ringing should be approached with much patience and understanding. Your child will be most grateful for the much needed relief you will provide to them if you are willing to invest the time and energy in helping them overcome this debilitating condition. Start with this fact sheet below:

* Note that much of this protocol can be found within the pages of Tinnitus Miracle, an ebook by Thomas Coleman, a pioneer in the field of holistic treatment for tinnitus.

1- Get a Real Diagnosis

2- Communication is key, reassure them that they are not alone and that it’s OK to hear their noises. Let them know that you and the specialist are there to help them.  Explain their condition to them in simple terms using images they can easily relate to. If further tests are required, let them now what to expect.

3- Using stress inhibitors in the form of noise therapy has produced amazing relief from chronic tinnitus symptoms. Soft background music, ceiling fans, running water from in home fountains and aquariums have all proved to improve a child’s focus while inducing restful sleep. In more severe cases of hearing loss, a hearing aid may help children hear environmental sounds and voices more clearly.

4- Minor adjustments to your child’s diet may be required as well as including specialized vitamin and mineral supplements that are known to reduce ringing, humming and buzzing sounds associated with tinnitus.

5- Learn to help your child, as well as yourself relax.  Tinnitus seems to escalate when people are under stress. Apply simple, yet effective stress-relieving techniques in helping your child overcome their symptoms. Although curing your child of tinnitus is attainable, it is not going to be easy. The less stressed you are and the more informed you become will greatly improve the chances of successfully ending this life altering condition for your child.



Holistic Approach For A Tinnitus Cure

Ear Ringing
Are you desperate for a Tinnitus Cure? Do not be discouraged if you are one of the 50 million people who reportedly suffer from chronic tinnitus.  It’s understandable how a true cure for this debilitating condition that has robbed you of your sanity would be foremost on your mind. In the last decade alone, at least 1 in 5 people have had problems with tinnitus symptoms such as ringing in the ear, clicking sounds, chirping and non-stop buzzing. If you have tinnitus, then you know how impossible it is to accurately pin point your symptoms since they are a composite of many and can change at any time. Your problems are compounded by the fact that you are the only one experiencing the phantom noises in your head. If you have come this far in your quest for a tinnitus cure, then you must realize that a holistic approach is your only hope.

If you are not familiar with holistic healing, it is the belief of treating the individual as a whole. In layman’s terms – you first treat the underlying condition and the whole being before treating the symptom. Natural remedies, such as powerful herbs, teas, organic spices and botanical oils are used in place of conventional drugs and medications. In the case of treating tinnitus ringing, certain protocols are used in the form of medication, Yoga practice, deep breathing exercises and many other effective treatments. The definition as described by Merriam – Webster is as follows:

“Relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts <holistic medicine attempts to treat both the mind and the body> <holistic ecology views humans and the environment as a single system>”

Since the medical community takes the position of not recognizing a true tinnitus cure, tinnitus suffers are left with no choice but to seek relief through natural and holistic methods.

This is where the teachings of Thomas Coleman, the author of The Tinnitus Miracle are highly regarded among the holistic community. Thousands of former tinnitus sufferers that are now living a relatively peaceful existence without the annoying ringing and humming that has come to be associated with this condition have taken that leap of faith by putting their trust in this proven ebook that is only available online in a PDF download. * If your wondering how much this costs – it’s less than any available, over the counter tinnitus product. Tinnitus Miracle is available for a one time price of just $39.95, and yes, your purchase comes with a 60 day, money back guarantee.

Some of the many protocols that are given in the book have a lot to do with the diagnosis of your personal symptoms to start. Based upon your answers in the questionnaire, you will be given very specific recommendations from the treatment guide. They may pertain to slight adjustments in your diet to more intricate remedies dealing with special meditation and breathing techniques. There is also a long list of do’s and don’t's that deal with certain foods to avoid or include in your diet. Did you know that certain mineral supplements that are readily available can have a big impact in ending your ear ringing, sleepless nights and concentration. Actually there are over 250 pages full of proven holistic remedies that are available to help you get tinnitus relief almost immediately.

There is hope in utilizing this tinnitus cure. Since you are here, we recommend that you take a look at all of the valuable information made available to you within the pages of this website.


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